Sunday, December 11, 2016

Live and learn

Live and learn

     My theme for the past year.  I feel like we have enrolled at the USBCHA University.  This year was indeed a learning.... and living year.

Feist watching Joni and Cap

     We went on the road at the end of the season to do a bit more living and learning.  The dogs and I met up with Amanda, Barbara, and Bev at SoHo.  I only watched the last day, but it was amazing.  My good friend and DHS volleyball coach met up with me to watch the final day.  

Dorey sporting gold
     After Soldier Hollow, I fell in line with my dogs and rig to Meeker.  We picked up another passenger Mr. Monty Man that day.  

      Bev showed me the ropes around Meeker.  Including the famous statue in down town, as well as the practice field.  It was great to have at least one practice before running the Monty dog. 

Barbara Ray and Stella Meeker
Jag the younger

Watching opening Meeker Ceremonies
from the top
of the bluff

Beautiful Meeker
and the top hands

     Back in the convoy to Carbondale.  This would be my second time at Carbondale, CO.  Excited to be there.  Happy to be having two kicks at the can.  Overwhelmingly happy for little Zola to be running on the nursery field. (that's another story).

The crew

Zola, Amanda, and Mt Sopris

Monty and I

     Nationals this year was a very good learning experience.  Feist and I made it to the semi-final round.  In the semis, we had a nice run going, and then I made a bad call on my whistle timing and we ended with letters.  But I was so super proud of the 27 pound Feist dog.  She more than held up her end of the 50%.  I had a wake up call for my next set of learning issues. 

    On finals day, I watched in amazement at the top handlers ran intently for 25 minutes.  Several hands were running two dogs on that day.  Yes, I have watched the national finals many times on that last telling day.  I have never remotely considered getting ready or preparing for it mentally or physically myself. Another curtain call. More homework.

Feist overlooking Strang Ranch

     That was an amazing learning journey.  Reading books, watching videos, or attending clinics could not have illuminated my mind more.

Point Pleasant SDT

     Back to the drawing board.  New trial season.  Running an old pro Monty, teaching me the subtle
points.  Feist my solid good partner turning 5 years.  Tane' my last years nursery dog 3 years old, soon to be four starting to get his feet under him.  Jag my next years nursery prospect, fun and eager to learn.

Feist Hopland SDT

Winter fun trial
Bonanza, OR

     Still working/managing the practice at home.  Fielding a land and livestock business as well.  Practicing when I can.  Learning at every turn.  Living for every moment.  We are looking forward to the new year.  Great opportunities to have fun with friends. A clean canvas to start my new painting, the art that one finds commingled with your sheepdog partner.  Amazing chances to breath in the beauty and magic of what we call sheepdogging.


  1. Staying busy is the name of the game. I love your pics and I esp love your rat terrier. Looks a lot like my Dakota.

  2. Feist 😆😂. That's why they call it open. You can even run rat terriers. JK, she's a small bordercollie. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  3. Seizing the day...while creating your Mecca! Thanks for are surrounded by ah-maze-ing!!!!